The Best Thing I Got in Newcastle

“You know..I really like to be in this group. It’s like brotherhood” Juan said to me few days ago when we’re eating chicken and fries in Chicken Cottage. We’re talking about how we (six random person from six different nations) can have a very good friendship like this.

I couldnt agree more with Juan.

I remember  the first month I started my study in Newcastle. I was not that optimistic that I would have a very close friendship. Yeah.. I did believe that I could be friend with other international students. But being this close..I never expected it.

….. Back to the Chicken Cottage

I ate three pieces of chicken, while Juan  ordered three chicken strips. Chicken Cottage again. Yes. some people in our group to be exact, have a love-hate relationship with Chicken Cottage. The place where we can buy cheap fried chicken,  chicken strips, and other related-chicken meal.

At the same time, Marina and Zarina were walking around Jesmond Dene. Photo hunting for another website group work. Marina asked us to go to an Italian restaurant in around Jesmond. But me and Juan who craved for chicken that day just wanted to eat chicken and just so lazy to walk to Jesmond. We wanted to eat chicken. That’s perfect. Even though Marina said that there are many tempting menu in the restaurant.We wanted chicken cottage. That’s all.

At the same time,  Nicky and Xiaofeng were heading to Jesmond from their accommodation, Leazes Terrace. They said yes to eat Italian food with Marina and Zarina.

We’re different…there are many situations that we’re just stuck because of our differences. But still, we’re  good friends.

It is so often that I feel  so comfortable to be with them. When we’re talking or discussing a deep or heavy  topic for example…we feel so connected to each other. It’s like discussing with my very close Indonesian friend…and it’s the same. The comfortable feeling is the same.

What I like the most from International friendship is..we  feel the same. Maybe because we come from different backgrounds, different frame of references and difference experiences… we can easily feel that we are the same as a human. No one feel superior, greater, higher than others. We’re just  the same. And it makes the communication or discussion is equal.

We are six person..from six different nations..

and I have a very good impression about them.

I will miss the moments with them, here in Newcastle.

I will miss random talk with Juan while eating Chicken in Chicken Cottage and listening to his disbelief to”why I love bubble tea that much”

I will miss my ritual with Marina, eating Monk Fish in Wok In, the best Chinese Restaurant in Newcastle (according to both of us). Will miss chicken hunting with marin.

I will miss sitting on the Leazes Park grass while listening to Xiaofeng and Nicky talking about so many random things.. and how we love teasing Xiaofeng for being a “normal Chinese”.

I will miss Zarina..the strongest pregnant women I’ve ever seen.She doesnt know how I adore her for being that strong and tough while bringing her almost eight-months baby in her belly. I always compare her to most of my  pregnant friends in Indonesia who tend to be so pampered while pregnant. But Zarina…she’s so tough.

Well..absolutely they  will be one of my hardest goodbye in Newcastle

I will miss the moments with them, here in Newcastle.



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